[Exclusive Interview] Crystal Ferrary

Our Wednesday fea­ture for this August week Crystal Ferrary is pack­ing some seri­ous curves.

As an upcom­ing model on the urban glam­our scene, hav­ing mad curves is part and par­cel with the busi­ness, but even still, many of our fans will agree that a thick red­bone sista with a nice ass will never go out of style.

To her credit, how­ever, she is a total package.

She comes with brains and the drive to com­pli­ment her beauty and her booty.

Stay tuned for big things from her in the future.


What’s your zodiac, eth­nic­ity, and where do you cur­rently reside?
I am a Taurus. I’m West Indian, Puerto Rican and African American. I live in the Bronx, New York.

What are your height and mea­sure­ments?
5’10′ 36, 26, 42.

How would you describe your per­son­al­ity?
Ambitious, cre­ative, socia­ble, car­ing, ath­letic. I played col­lege bas­ket­ball for four years.
I love home cooked meals espe­cially soul food and I love shop­ping like every woman.

What do you love?
I love to be in love and go out on dates and watch roman­tic movies while it rains outside!

What moti­vates you?
Waking up. Knowing I have life and know­ing that one day I will make a dif­fer­ence in another’s life. I try to enjoy every moment life has to offer.

Where did it start? (the moment you knew you wanted to model?) I was an assis­tant edi­tor for my friends mag­a­zine and I took a look at the women in the mag­a­zine and felt like I could do it, so that’s where the magic began.

What genre of mod­el­ing do you like doing the most? I like urban mod­el­ing and also beauty shots.

Which mod­el­ing job do you think is your most mem­o­rable?The first time I took a pic­ture my hands were shaking.I was so ner­vous the pho­tog­ra­pher had to ask me if I needed water.

What do you think a model has to do to be suc­cess­ful?
I believe that one’s suc­cess is in one’s hand. You have to have a plan and know what you want out of mod­el­ing. If you can do that you have already won. Take as many pic­tures and net­work as possible.

What do you do to keep your­self in shape (any beauty secrets)?
Playing bas­ket­ball and not eat­ing alot of red meats. My fridge is mainly chicken, fish and sea food, but I love steak.

What’s your favorite body part and which one do you get com­pli­mented on the most? I love every­thing about me but if i had to pick my smile, because I’m one in a mil­lion! But I love my butt because its real and gives me a unique look.

Describe your ideal man.
Ambitious, hand­some, tall and lov­ing because I love to be in love.

If some­one were to sneak in your bed­room, what would you be wear­ing?
I hate wear­ing clothes at home so I will have on a bra and panties!

What would you like to be doing 5 years from now?
In five years, I will be the owner of my own women’s cloth­ing store. I will have a book writ­ten and in
stores and I will prob­a­bly go back to get my mas­ters in human resources. I cur­rently have my bach­e­lors in Marketing/ Management.

Final thanks, shout outs and pro­mo­tions:

I would like to espe­cially thank Will Hunter for rec­og­niz­ing me and putting on this won­der­ful site filled of beau­ti­ful woman.

To order my 12 month cal­en­dar you can reach me on twit­ter
@Crystalferrary and on Instagram at fer­raryb­stuntin. Thanks for hav­ing me guys!

About Will Hunter

Will F. Hunter is the resident model coordinator for MXyMAG.com. Largely responsible for maintaining the success of the Exclusive Models brand.

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