A Man’s Kingdom — The Seductive Dr. Lecter

A Man’s Kingdom is a book on lead­er­ship. The book was pub­lished from 2009 through 2013 start­ing with the orig­i­nal Black Women Gone. Black Women Gone is a pre­lude to Sex on Purpose (with Purpose) which exten­sively cov­ers The Art of Seduction. The Seductive Dr. Lecter is a new entry in AMK and cov­ers a lot of the psy­chol­ogy we’ll go in-depth with through the Sex on Purpose chapters. 


A lot of peo­ple think about seduc­tion and they imme­di­ately asso­ciate it with sex.

I’m sure there are peo­ple out there who seduce for the sole pur­pose of get­ting laid, and if that’s what they want to be then so be it. But it is a nar­row way of inter­pret­ing seduction.

Seduction was first invented back when brute force was the accent that pow­ered com­mu­ni­ca­tion. It was a way for women to sur­vive. Seduction is an accent to lan­guage. Language is a tool we use to manip­u­late what­ever it is we inter­pret as hav­ing power.

With that said, there are sev­eral ways to obtain power. Obviously brute force is one of those ways, but the best way to obtain power is when the per­son gives it up will­ingly. For a ran­dom girl in a club for exam­ple, the men who offers to buy her a drink already gave up their power.

Down the line, men started to use these same tricks to manip­u­late and move ahead in life. The bet­ter men under­stand that seduc­tion is both ways, and part of that is to dis­as­so­ci­ate it from sex.

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Exclusive Interview — Melinda Corssino

It’s been a while since we’ve had an Exclusive Interview,  but we’re back in a huge way with fit­ness model Melinda Corssino.

Although she’s fairly new to mod­el­ing, her toned physique and dark, seduc­tive fea­tures will cer­tainly make her a major player in the fit­ness world very soon.



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A Man’s Kingdom — Black Woman Gone


A Man’s Kingdom – Black Women Gone

Black Woman Gone is the arti­cle that started the book, A Man’s Kingdom. It was orig­i­nally pub­lished June 6th 2009 through­out 2013. There have been 6 BWGs pub­lished – along­side related arti­cles — since then. BWG also rep­re­sents the first chap­ter from the book, A Man’s Kingdom. The chap­ter is a pre­lude to the chap­ter, Sex on Purpose (With Purpose). A Man’s Kingdom is being repub­lished in its entirety on MXyMAG.com 

I don’t think that we have men­tally pro­gressed much at all since slav­ery, and in order to move things for­ward, black women are one of the mas­ter keys. Why?

Somewhere along the lines (most) black women con­tinue to make the wrong choices when it comes to men. Often select­ing boys over men for what­ever nefar­i­ous rea­son. Those women – often caught up in their bit­ter­ness – push fem­i­nist ener­gies on to the culture.

Over the years black women have lost their wom­an­hood in their quest for power, and that’s a bad thing. Bad because many women don’t under­stand power. Or more specif­i­cally, what their pow­ers are.

Those who do under­stand know that, behind every great man is a great woman.

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#Spoilers — How The Winter Soldier Binds Marvel’s Cinematic Universe


#Spoiler - let me start off by say­ing, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is today’s Star Wars uni­verse, beau­ti­fully unfold­ing in scope front of our eyes. This state­ment becomes truer with Captain America: The Winter Soldier. From the moment I left the movie the­ater I have con­tin­u­ously revised Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. And at first I didn’t know why?   Movie spoil­ers start here.

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#Mindset — No Such Thing as Competition, no such thing as a saturated market

One of my favorite albums of all times was Jay-Z’s first Blueprint.

It seems like that was the one shin­ing light that came from September 11th (rip).

One of the most under rated tracks on the album does a great job of explain­ing the per­ti­nence of con­sis­tency in rela­tion to becom­ing a suc­cess. The track is called  Heart of The City Aint No Love

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A Man’s Kingdom — Rick Grimes School of Leadership

Note — This is a brand new entry in the book A Man’s Kingdom that takes a look at lead­er­ship amongst other top­ics that men want to know about. It has been added to 1 of the 6 chap­ters called, The Defiant King 

The Defiant King

I often hear peo­ple say that lead­er­ship roles are usu­ally attrac­tive to sociopaths and or psy­chopaths. They often define lead­ers as peo­ple who are dis­con­nected from their emotions. Someone who doesn’t care.

But I ask, what came first, the chicken or the egg?

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Exclusive Models — World’s Most Luxurious Collective, What We Look For

Exclusive Models

  • World’s Most Luxurious Collective.


What we look for

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Exclusive Models World’s Most Luxurious Collective

Exclusive Models — World’s Most Luxurious Collective

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Exclusive Interviews Ft. The Exclusive Models — World’s Most Luxurious Collective

Exclusive Models — World’s Most Luxurious Collective
What we look for

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#Trailer — Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Plot Summary:
The city needs heroes. Darkness has set­tled over New York City as Shredder and his evil Foot Clan have an iron grip on every­thing from the police to the politicians.The future is grim until four unlikely out­cast broth­ers rise from the sew­ers and dis­cover their des­tiny as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Turtles must work with fear­less reporter April O’Neil (Megan Fox) and her wise-cracking cam­era­man Vern Fenwick (Will Arnett) to save the city and unravel Shredder’s dia­bol­i­cal plan.

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A Man’s Kingdom — Men Hunt Men Kill Women Cook

Notes — This arti­cle is part of the upcom­ing book, “A Man’s Kingdom” It was Originally pub­lished - March 24, 2010

The orig­i­nal 300 movie has a a deep con­cept I’d like to elab­o­rate on.

For any­one who isn’t famil­iar, 300 tells the — some­what fic­tional — tale of King Leonidas. Leonidas leads 300 of his finest Spartans to go up against Xerxes The Sun God and his mas­sive invad­ing army.

Being a skilled war tac­ti­cian who knows how to use his sur­round­ings, the king and his war­riors endure through 3 days of war. And though they die at the end, Leonidas achieves his goal. Making a god bleed.

A fight till death. One must be defi­ant to com­mon sense — com­mit­ted to a point of mad­ness — to stand up to impos­si­ble odds, and fight. Or one must value what they are fight­ing for in order to die for it.

Maybe it’s a com­bi­na­tion of both? To answer this, we’d have to ana­lyze sev­eral events com­ing together.

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A Man’s Kingdom — Premium Memberships

Get the AMK membership 

Exclusive to AMK Members only

  • A Man’s Kingdom train­ing sessions
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Every Member gets

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#Spoiler #Gallery — Pre CGI Ultron + Scarlett Witch + Quicksilver, Spotted on Avengers Set

Photos from — Geektyrant

We live in for­tu­nate times to be adults. Fortunate because we can be adults with­out hav­ing to give up on the things that made our child­hood. From Transformers, to X-Men, Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, we are for­tu­nate to see­ing these prop­er­ties flour­ish across mul­ti­ple mediums.

Though we may have our gripes as to how these prop­er­ties should be pre­sented, to a lot of these young kids. These are their Star Wars. These are their def­i­nite ver­sions of these characters.

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